After Fat Transfer to Face, How Long Can I See the Final Result?

May I know when will the fat injected to the face be stabilized ( stop reaborbing?). When Can I resume nomal gym activities after fat injection?

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3 months

By three months your results should finalize. There are some cases when you will see a bit of rebound improvement up to about 6 months out, as some of the fat cells that survived, but were dormant, become "awake", so to speak. 

I generally recommend at least a week of downtime from vigorous physical activity.

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Fat transfer results.

You will see results immediately after the procedure and the swelling should subside after about 7-10 days later. After this, the final results will settle by 3-6 months, as it takes the fat some time to settle into its new area. As you correctly state, some of the fat will resorb and this occurs by 2 months, after which you will see the areas plump up again. You can resume exercises 1-2 weeks after the procedure. 

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After Fat Transfer to Face, How Long Can I See the Final Result?

   By 6 weeks most of the swelling is gone.  Somewhere between 6 weeks and 3 months you usually see the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Fat Transfer final results

Dear pumpkin84,

  1. Final results of a fat transfer start at 3 months, and really settle after 6 months when we know what fat survives and what does not
  2. You can resume normal gym activities about 2 weeks after
  3. Be careful about losing too much weight because if you exercise too much, the fat in the face will get smaller like it does around the body

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Recovery after facial fat transfer

One can resume normal physical activity a few days after facial fat transfer. However, final result of the fat transfer takes about 3 months. Whatever fat has taken/survived by then will survive permanently (or as long as any other fat in your natural face).

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Timing of Facial Fat Transfer Results

The final volume retained after facial fat injections will usually be seen 3 months after the procedure. By that time all resorption will have occurred and the viable fat cells stabilized.

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