Aggressive Sex after Rhinoplasty, could it affect rhinoplasty outcome?

Dear Doctor, I am 3 weeks post surgery (20 days to be exact). However, yesterday, my boyfriend and I had sex, and I accidentally bumped my nose against his crotch while giving head to him. It wasn't too much of a bump, but there was definitely force, as he was thrusting into my face. Also, when he turned to kiss me later, his face also bumped against my nose. So two bumping twice. Could it have affected my rhino outcome?

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Trauma to nose following rhinoplasty

Without a nose bleed, it is very unlikely you did any damage to your nose at the 20 week mark. Perhaps a repeat consult with your surgeon would be ideal

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Rough Sex After Rhinoplasty

Your sexual encounter probably will have no long term effect on your rhinoplasty. As long as you didn't have a nose bleed, severe long lasting pain, black & blue, or difficulty breathing, you are probably fine. Common sense prevails. If it hurts, don't do it. Consult and discuss with your surgeon.

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