At What Age Do Your Breast Stop Developing?

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Breast development

Growth is finished at an early age but changes continue throughout your life. Weight loss/gain, genetics, pregnancy, and age can all affect your breasts over a lifetime.

At What Age Do Your Breast Stop Developing?

There is no answer that will cover an individual woman. Variances are common, but on average, breast growth is complete by late teens to early twenties. Breast changes do continue with pregnancy, and weight gain. 

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Breast development

Usually the female breasts complete their development 3 to 4 years after the first menstrual period; but structural changes will keep happening during the entire life (pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause).


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Breast Growth

In general, breast development/growth ceases between ages 17-21 years.  A woman's age and breast growth is taken into consideration by plastic surgeons when discussing certain breast procedures with patients, especially younger patients.  That being said, breast size and shape never stop evolving during a woman's life and are affected by such things as pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain/loss, and menopause.  These things will also affect a woman's breasts after having surgery such as breast augmentation, reduction, or lift.

When are breasts fully developed?

That is a good question.  It varies from person to person, but is complete by 18 or 19 in most people.  Since it is individualized, you should wait to have any surgery until you feel like your breasts have been unchanged for at least 6 months.  Good luck!

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At what age do your breasts stop developing.

This is a great question and really has a few different answers. Most women start to notice an enlargement of their breast tissue around puberty. Puberty in women typically happens before most males and occurs anywhere from 9-16 years old. If a women has not noticed much change in her breasts after the age of 18, then they have likely finished "developing". Breasts can also change in size according to weight gain and loss. In addition, when a women becomes pregnant, the breast tissue is stimulated to "grow" in order to prepare for lactation.

Breast Development and Age

Breast development begins in adolescence and in puberty the ovaries begin to secrete estrogen, causing breast enlargement through both breast tissue growth and fat accumulation. The rate and timing and amount of breast growth varies greatly up through the fully mature breast.

Most commonly breast development has slowed or neared completion by age 18 to 20, but the breast continues to change throughout life through the influences of time, pregnancy and nursing and weight changes. 

For cosmetic breast surgery, a patient must be 18 years of age, and I recommend waiting until breast development has completed (size has remained unchanged for 6-12 months). Some women are candidates for breast symmetry procedures for very asymmetric breasts at an earlier age. If you have questions about breast development and breast surgery, seek out an experienced surgeon for a consultation.

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Breasts Continue to Change Throughout a Woman's Life

This is a great question. Although the FDA issues standard guidelines for breast augmentation at age 18, actual breast development is very variable from woman to woman. I explain more in the video.

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Breast growth

Your breasts continue to change throughout your life and will typically increase in size during weight gain or pregnancy. However, most women have breast growth stabilization by around the late teens to early twenty ages. 
For this reason, most surgeons like to wait to operate on the breasts to change them after stabilization but there are exceptions to this, such as for very large breasts. 

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Breast Development

Good question.

Breast development parallels genital hair development. These are called the Tanner Stages of female development in puberty. Usually by ages 17-22, the breasts have finished developing, typically when you have fully developed genital hair. If you are in your teenage years and concerned about breast size, you are always welcome to consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns. Typically, it would be best to wait 6 months after finishing breast growth before considering plastic surgery.

Your breasts will also change throughout your life. Gravity never ends. Weight gain and weight loss can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the breasts. Pregnancy and breast feeding as well can change the breasts.

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