Post Rhinoplasty: When Can IPL Treatments be Safely Performed?

I had a rhinoplasty and facial fat grafting 13 weeks ago. I have begun to notice broken blood vessels on and around my nose and would like to rid myself of them. When would it be safe to do the IPL treatment?

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IPL Treatments 13 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

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You can safely have IPL treatments 13 weeks after your rhinoplasty. Always follow the recommendations of your surgeon.

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IPL laser treatment after Rhinoplasty & Fat Grafting

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Hi schmie2,

Generally, 13 weeks should be sufficient healing time to allow procedures such as IPL, if the hand piece doesn't put too much pressure on the nose. First, one must speak with their rhinoplasty surgeon before proceeding with any procedure around the nose. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


Houtan Chaboki, MD
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Wait 6 mos for IPL after Rhinoplasty

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I would advise my Rhinoplasty patients to wait 6 months before having an IPL or Laser treatment to the nasal skin as a minimum.  Check with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Rhinoplasty and make sure he/she is OK with you having that treatment before your proceed.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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IPL after Rhinoplasty

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You should speak with your surgeon, but as long as the IPL handpiece doesn't crush or distort the nostril or the bridge of the nose during the treatment, it should be okay within one or two weeks after the cast is off.

Good luck,

Dr. Michelle Yagoda

NYC, Facial Plastic Surgeon

Michelle R. Yagoda, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

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