Bumps on Either Side of Nose

Hi - I've got many issues with my nose...and finding the whole experience pretty depressing. I have two bumps on either side of my nasal bones. On the right hand side of my nose it is very prominent and ugly (see pic). Is it possible to remove these? Also, at the highest point of my nose, the bridge is FLAT and on either side of the flat bridge I have two unequal bumps that feel like out of position bone. How can a flat bridge be corrected? Also, how do I know if my septum is deviated? Thanks!!!

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It is impossible to say/see exactly what the issue is from the one limited view photo that you posted. It looks like your nose was struck from the left side leaving you with a slight concavity on the left side and a convexity on the right side. There appears to be a raised area on the bridge which is likely splinters of the bone from the traumatic blow. The correction would then involve filing down the splintered areas, straightening the septum, outfracturing the left nasal bone and if needed placing crushed cartilage to camouflage any remaining indented or concave areas.

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Rhinoplasty septoplasty

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Most of your concerns can be addressed with a rhinoplasty.  A deviated septum is seen on examination.  A CT scan assists in visualizing the septum.  Best of luck. Dr. Michael Omidi

An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to assess your needs and provide true medical advice.

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Improving appearance of the nose

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When the nasal bones become injured and fractured, on multiple occasions they can create a widening or thickening effect in the nasal bridge.  With a rhinoplasty it is possible to go in and file the bump down across the bridge line.  The width of the entire bridge will be narrowed through osteotomies and make it look less flat.  Both medial and lateral osteotomies need to be performed.  It is important to have this done under a general anesthesia by a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in a certified ambulatory surgery center.  The unequal bumps will all be addressed through filing asymmetrical nasal bones and repositioning the nasal bones during the rhinoplasty procedure.  

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