Accutane Treatment to Begin Soon when to Stop Minocycline?

I am 44 and always had acne, not severe but persistant and scaring with my olive complection. Doc tried everything else OC & precrip creams and antibiotics. So Accutane is next. I am still on Birth control (for acne only had tubes tied18 yrs ago) minocycline & Aczone cream untill I see the Doc at end of 30 day wait period. Question, how long before begining Accutane treatment should I stop taking the minocycline. Or is there a need to stop more than a few days before? I will ask my Derm. also.

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Stopping other acne meds before Accutane

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You can take your other meds right up to the day before you start your Accutane. I will let you know that because you won't have enough Accutane in your system right off the bat, and will be going off the ABs, you will get a breakout at the beginning of starting Accutane. This happens to almost everyone and is normal, so please don't panic. For people with persistent acne, such as yourself, Accutane will be a great solution for you.

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