Indefinite Isotretinoin Treatment (Roaccutane/Isosupra)?

Hello, Would anybody consider leaving a patient on Roaccutane / Isosupra beyond the normal cumulative dose period? i.e. indefinitely? My dermatologist has suggested in some cases an alternative model can be used whereby a low-dose is taken for a prolonged period of time, with regular blood work done to monitor for any abnormalities. Although my acne is mild, it's very stubborn and psychologically debilitating... I'm interested in the opinions of other dermatologists on this model. Thanks!

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Ongoing isotretinoin treatment regimens

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Yes, I do this for some of my patients. I keep them on a very low dose, taking only 1-2 pills of 20mg a week. This is primarily for people who have been on a few rounds of Accutane before for stubborn or cystic acne, people who take the medication for rosacea, etc. This is NOT ideal for women who plan to get pregnant at some point, or women who have unprotected sex, ever. It is more intended for women who cannot get pregnant, or for men only. But yes, this practice does exist, and I've been prescribing Accutane for nearly 30 years.

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