I Accidentally Hit my Boyfriend with a Glass Door and It Was Kinda Hard We Think His Nose Is Broke?

There was blood (not too much) and he said its hard for him to breathe out of his right nostril , no swelling or anything though band he also said it was tender when he touched it.

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Trauma to the nose

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An exam would be necessary to provde you with accurate advice. I would recommend consulting a board certfied ENT or faclal plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty. They will be able to examine his nose in person and tell you whether or not it is broken. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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I Accidentally Hit my Boyfriend with a Glass Door and It Was Kinda Hard We Think His Nose Is Broke?

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Despite the injury and the bleeding if his nose is still straight it is possible that his nose was not broken. The only way to know for sure would be to consult with an ENT or Facial Plastic Surgeon to take a look at his nose. If the nose is broken and deviated, it can be straightened with a short procedure if performed within the first two weeks following the injury. I hope this information is helpful. 

Broken nose and deviated septum

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Trauma to the nose can actually break the nasal bones, fracture the upper lateral cartilages off the nasal bones  or create a deviated septum from a fracturing of the septum itself. Nasal obstruction can result from this.   Its best have an x-ray performed  and an examination of the external and internal portion of the nose for documentation.

Broken Nose - Get Treatment Soon

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It is quite possible that your boyfriend has a broken nose. Nasal trauma that deforms the nose or causes breathing difficulties should be examined by a Plastic Surgeon or  ENT/ facial plastic surgeon to see what has been injured, that there is no septal hematoma that may have to be evacuated,  and to evaluate if  there is a nasal or septal fracture. It is far easier to repair any injured cartilage or bone displacement in the first few weeks following an injury.

Broken nose?

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Dear Denetta Lawson,

  • To be completely sure, an exam would be necessary to evaluate the area
  • It is common to feel stuffy after trauma to the nose, even if the nose is not broken
  • The slight bleed may indicate a fracture
  • The only other thing to look at is if there is a residual deformity at this point

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