A Wide Hole in the Nasal Septum?

Hello there, I am a 22 years old male. I had this problem since I was little. I've consulted with the best plastic surgeons here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. And all of them said "There's no solution". I can't believe that there's no solution ! Can you please tell if there's a solution? and if its surgery, is it hard to perform, I mean is there major risks involved? and can you recommend any good doctors in Dubai to perform this surgery? thank you

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Correcting wide hole in the nasal septum

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Wide holes in the nasal septum are a very difficult problem to fix.  The simplest and easiest procedure is called a septal button which can be placed as a local procedure.  The button comes in either a one part or two part plastic button that can be easily inserted.  Closing a large hole surgically presents various problems and patients need to have realistic expectations

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Possibility of correction depends on the size of the hole

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The liklihood of successful correction of a septal perforation diminshes as the hole gets bigger.  Correction generally requires that the soft tissue in and around the septum is rearranged and stretched accross the hole to allow for closure.  The soft tissue cannot stretch beyond a certain capacity, which is why large perforations cannot easily be corrected.  Maintaining good nasal hygiene (keeping it clean and moist) will prevent the perforation from expanding.  If the perforation is small (less than 2cm) it may be able to be repaired.

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A Wide Hole in the Nasal Septum?

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It is most important to ensure that you don't have any underlying or ongoing medical issues that are the cause of the perforation. Once anything more serious has been ruled out, there are several options to fix a septal perforation. The most straight-forward is to place a small silicone "button" that essentially plugs the hole. It's a non-surgical solution that can be performed in the office. A permanent solution can be achieved surgically if the perforation is not too large. This involves rearranging soft tissue and cartilage inside the nose to cover the hole and allow it to heal. The two most common risks of this procedure include a nosebleed and failure to completely repair the hole. I hope this information is helpful.

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