A Hollow (Hole) in the Middle of my Face After a Month of my Facelift?

A month ago I had a face and neck lift. Its been a month already and my jowls and chin are still hanging. The PS told me that it was normal and that I had to keep waiting because it was part of the healing process. after the third week from my facelift I noticed a big hollow in the middle of my face. Its this normal too? is this part of he healing process? I am asking to any PS that might be reading this, to let me know base on your own experience if you ever have seen this. Thank you

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Hollow after Facelift at 1 month

    A hollow after facelift may be due to fat necrosis, but speculation is difficult without before and after pictures.  If this persists at the 3 or 6 month point, fat grafting is a good treatment.

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Hollow post face

This is a tough one to answer.since you are only a few weeks out I would wait a bit more.The reason htere is no hollow on the other side might be do to swelling .Your jowls should be better than before.Comparison photos would help.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Post facelift contour issues

One month is still considered early in the recovery of typical facelift. If you feel the jowls and chin are hanging, it's a good idea to review the pre op photos with your surgeon. Often time, the comparison with pre op photos will demonstrate the areas of improvement and allow you the peace of mind with the healing process. I assume the hollow is at middle of your cheeks. I think it's prudent to be patient and allow healing process to complete before making final judgement. Even if the result is not optimal, revision usually is performed after 6 months from original surgery.

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Facelift surgery

Dear Maria7500,

  • I would still give it another 4-8 weeks to heal, you could not do much before that anyway
  • The big hollow is a different story, it could be a swelling issue (meaning the area around the hollow is swollen and it could get better)
  • I would reassess the area at 3 month mark and fix whatever is leftover
  • The hollow, if permanent, can be fixed with a fat transfer

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Jowls and hole after facelift

In my experience it is uncommon to have hanging jowls and chin after a facelift.  The "hole" you describe is worrisome.  Without pictures it is hard to make a diagnosis, but if you do not have any motor weakness then you will ultimately face nothing more than a sub-optimal result.  Give your face a full 8-10 weeks to heal and then assess your results.  Speak with your surgeon (is he/she Board Certified  by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?) and discuss your concerns.  Ask to see a composite pre- and post-op picture so you can properly gauge your results.  If you are not happy get another opinion.

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