Liquid Nitrogen for Keloid Treatment?

I've been doing research regarding keloid scars. I have heard of injecting Liquid Nitrogen-scar surface is minimally injured while only the deep scar tissue is destroyed. Please I need help on this topic, I might travel overseas to get this done on 1 keloid on my chest that has psychological given me pain for years. Thank you for your time and answers!

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Cryotherapy for keloid scars on the face and body

Cryotherapy can work for keloid scars and I have used this as an excellent procedure alongside other treatments for keloids.  Speak to a knowledgeable surgeon about this option during your consultation. 

  • Cryotherapy

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Usually added to steroid

Liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto the keloid, helping shrink it. Most dermatologists, including myself will spray liquid nitrogen while injecting steroid into the keloid.

Be aware that if you are darker skinned, this can cause loss of pigment in the area since the melanocytes (the cells that produce pigment) are sensitive to cold.

This does not cause resolution of the keloid, but does serve to flatten them. Keloids can be painful and itch and this technique goes a long way to aiding this problem.

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