What's Most Attractive in a Male Nose?

With female rhinoplasty, it seems that a lot of looks can be attractive. I've seen girls considered attractive who either have rounded noses, sharp noses, or generally everything in between. With males though, it seems there's much more a 'make or break' thing going on. I rarely see a male with a rounded, chubby nose who'd be considered 'facially-attractive', where as I think a male with a more shaped, structured nose gives a look of attractiveness, confidence, and intelligence. Do you agree that this is usually one of the good reasons for males to have rhinoplasty, if they have a shapeless nose?

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What's Most Attractive in a Male Nose?

I have a definite philosophy about male noses. 

  • I like a strong nose, straight dorsum or a slight hump.
  • Male noses ususlly have thicker skin in the tip and generally cannot and should not look as delicate as a female nose.
  • I try to increase tip definition with cartilage grafts.
  • A male nose can be a bit larger than a female nose and still look good. 
  • The result should look as natural as possible, not have an operaated look.
  • I have given you a link to a good example.

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Male rhinoplasty

You have made some very good observations with regards to male and female noses. I have found that no two individuals, male or female, will necessarily look good with the same nose. The noses that you have found to be attractive in females are likely proportionate to the face and follow some basic parameters and measurements that we generally follow to help us with our judgment during rhinoplasty. The variations in rhinoplasty you have noticed in females are in large part related to some of the art that is required to create the subtle changes that make the nose look good. What you see in male noses are exactly as you have interpreted them. Male noses help convey confidence and attractiveness when they are strong, full, and well defined.

Philip S. Schoenfeld, MD, FACS
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Male Nose

The key to good rhinoplasty results is that the nose is proportional to the surrounding facial structures. Therefore, it follows that a male nose is usually stronger and more defined. However, all male noses are not alike, just as ladies are not the same. One of the tremendous challenges of this surgery is the fact that there is so much variation.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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What makes an attractive Male nose

  • The one observation in your insightful question that is most relevant to a rhinoplasty surgeon, is your comment about a "shapeless" nose being unattractive. I think what you may be referring to is a nose with a thick skin envelope and minimal cartilage support
  • The thickness and texture of the skin of the nose has a huge effect on nasal appearance and therefor beauty.  Many males have thick skin over the nose, causing less definition and shape
  • For these types of noses, surgical changes can be more tough to accomplish.  Often surgeons help the shape by supporting the cartilage with grafts and suturing, rather than just making the nose smaller
  • As many other surgeons have stated, the goal is for a nose that suits the overall features and size and shape of the patient, with a well supported and defined tip, good breathing, a straight nose from the front view, and not too much protrusion from the side view. If all this is accomplished, then a nose should appear natural and harmonious. 
  • Whether the result is beautiful is a highly personal question.  We strive for improvements and hope the changes help a patient feel more normal, or stand out less.  

Michael Suzman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Male Rhinoplasty Can Produce a Natural Result

In order for the nose to look natural, it must be adhere to certain proportions and be in balance with the patient's overal facial features.

In general, most men prefer to have a nose that has the following features:

  • Straight or slightly covex bridge line when viewed from the side. The more "scooped" the bridge is, the more it feminizes the profile
  • Angle of rotation (amount that the nose is turned up) close to 90 degrees. A nose that is rotated less than 90 degrees will look droopy or elongated. A nose that is rotate more than 90-95 degrees in a male makes the nose look too upturned, short, or feminzed
  • Defined tip but not narrow or pinched. The more narrow a tip is the more feminine the appearance. Also, an overly narrow or pinched tip will give the nose an "operated" look.

A good rhinoplasty surgeon will guide you as to what looks good, but at the same should not dictate what is done. In the end, the general features of the nose are something that the patient should decide what looks the best.

To get a better understanding of how your nose might look, your prospective surgeon should be able to show you computer generated images that simulate the proposed changes to your nose. Recently, 3D imaging has become available that can allow you to see how your nose might look from any angle.

C. Spencer Cochran, MD
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What makes a nose attractive ?

There are many factors that go into an attractive nose and you should discuss your desires with your surgeon in detail. Sometimes I have patients bring in photos of what they think they might like and we use them as a talking point.

In general, most people are looking for improved symmetry with reduction of a "bump" on the bridge and better definition of the tip and overall nose. Often there may be limitations based on your breathing and this too should be discussed with your surgeon.

Darrick E. Antell, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, a rhinoplasty is an option to treat a shapeless nose.

Most patients, men and women, desire a more refined nasal appearance. They may present with a "pudgy" nose. Treatment involves trimming the nasal cartilages. By the way, I have some examples on my website if you want to read more. The link is attached. The skin is thicker in men and in men it is important not to feminize the nose by refining the tip too much and the dorsum needs to be straight and masculine (obviously there are exceptions such as transgender patients).

Eric Swanson, MD
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Rhinoplasty in Males

Rhinoplasty in males has to be a little more subtle than in females.  In males we try to achieve a straight profile and dorsum while maintaining the overall natural look.  The tip can be refined by making it smaller, but not overdone.  In addition, if the nose is shorter or flat, it can be extended to create a stronger looking profile from side view.  Males do however have thicker skin in general.  These factors need to be discussed before surgery in creating an individualized game plan. The profile, tip, height and facial anatomy needs to be proportionate , which is in the eye of the surgeon. Good luck!

Kailash Narasimhan, MD
Sherman Plastic Surgeon
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Attractive male nose

The attractive male nose is a straight dorsum, (no scoop), the tip not overrotated, with a refined, structured but not over resected tip.   All of this is a matter of taste .

Mark E. Crispin, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty for Males

In general, males can enjoy the same benefits of rhinoplasty as females.  With regard to aesthetics, there are certain characteristics that make a nose more masculine.  This relates to the shape of the dorsum (bridge) of the nose, as well as the width of the nose, and the degree of rotation of the nasal tip (how turned up the nose is).  In general, males should have a straighter bridge on profile, rather than a slight curve to the bridge.  Males should also have a nasal tip that is less rotated, or turned up, in comparison to females.  These are some general rules when comparing male and female rhinoplasty.  However, despite these generalizations, every face is different and there are exceptions.  Your aesthetic goals should be discussed with your surgeon to determine what is appropriate for you.

Paul N. Afrooz, MD
Dallas Physician
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