Lip Lift Causes Chin to Look Longer?

I've noticed that some surgeons do not address the effect that a Lip lift can have on the lower third of the face. To be more specific, lifting the lip can cause one's chin to appear longer and out of proportion with one's face.

That being said, would it be wise to consider shortening one's chin vertically with a genioplasty in conjunction with a lip lift? Thanks.

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Can a lip lift cause the chin to look longer?

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Dear Mr./Ms. Secondaryrhino:

I see you have another question regarding your maxillary teeth show. Your concern about the chin is perfectly understandable.

To answer this question there are two things to consider:

Is your chin too long to begin with?

What kind of facial proportions you like?

Your best answer is to get cephalometrics done. This will give you an answer as to your actual facial proportions as measured against a population average.

After you have that information, you then have to decide how it fits your particular ideal. Computer imaging would help with this.

Lip lift and appearance of the chin

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Certainly any change on one part of the face or body can affect the proportions in relation to adjacent anatomic structures.

A smaller nose causes the chin to look bigger.

Bigger breast implants make the waist appear smaller.

Generally the risks of vertical shortening of the chin involves significantly more surgery and risks than a lip lift. If this is your desire express your concerns to the plastic surgeon

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