Good Candidate for Bullhorn Lip Lift?

I'm close to Chicago and considering having this done. I'm a 52 year old female who hates her upper lip and the great space between lip and nose. Can lip symmetry also be corrected and am I a good candidate?

I want it to look completely natural (upper lip no more than 2/3 as full as bottom lip) and not rabbit-like, and would like the procedure done under local (had my upper blepharoplasty done under local) in-office. If satisfied with answer I will contact you about fees and more info. Thanks!

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Who is a candidate for a bullhorn lift.

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You might find the video link below helpful, as well as a link to another blogpost.

If your upper lip from the columella (little column of tissue between the nostrils) to the red border of the lip is more than 1.5 centimeters in length, you will benefit from a lip lift.

As for the shape of the upper lip, that is controlled by how much lateral versus medial tissue you take off. This is not a cookie cutter procedure, and I like doing it under local so the patient can look and we can tweak some of the vectors before final closure.

Good luck on your search!

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Upper Lip Contour

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Dear Yannzi

The shape of the lip can be changed with surgery and with fillers. An upper lip shortening will make a nice change- as long as the lip and your teeth (upper dental arch ) are in a good relative position- this is hard to determine from your photo. if the lip is sitting below your teeth when your mouth is partially open, shotening the upper lip will improve the proportions.

The shaping of the outer portion of your lip can be enhanced with fillers.

These procedures may not make your lip perfect and the scar from the lip lifting surgery is a trade off- in many cases it heals very well.

This can be done under a local and the sutures would be removed at day 4.

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

Trevor M. Born, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Lip lift candidate

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Thank you for your question and helpful picture. 

Yes, asymmetry can be corrected and the length of your philtrum reduced. It is important to remove just the right amount of skin from the sides to avoid the "bunny look" Please choose an experienced surgeon who performs these often as they do require a certain level of finesse. I always perform these under local anesthesia (injections) in the comfort of my office. Patients are awake and can drive themselves back home or to the hotel if from out of state. You are an ideal candidate for this procedure. I hope this information helps. 

Best wishes and kind regards,

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Lip Lift and/or Reduction Candidate

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It sounds like you are in fact an excellent candidate for an upper lip lift, with a possible upper lip reduction. These are challenging procedures so you need to make sure it is performed by a surgeon experienced.

Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Bullhorn lift for the upper lip

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Unfortunately doing an agressive bullhorn style lift will only elevate the central 2/3 of your upper lip and leave the outer portions downturned.

You will have to consider the possible use of an outer lip lift (corner lift) on either a combined or staged basis as a potential option.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Good Candidate for Bullhorn Lip Lift?

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Thank you for your question. The Lip Lift procedure is performed to accentuate the size and/or shape of the upper lip by removing skin from the region underneath the nose. As the distance is decreased between the nose and the lip, the red lip is 'lifted'. In appropriate individuals, shortening this distance may impart or restore a more favorable balance to lips and face.

Whether or not one may be a good candidate depends on more than a photo. One's overall health, potential satisfaction with the appearance of a shortened upper lip distance, and willingness to accept the associated scar should be considered.

James M. Pearson, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You might be a perfect candidate

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Lip lift is usually a very rewarding and satisfying procedure in a right patient. It provides not only a lasting result but also more "pout" effect and lip shortening that is impossible to achieve with fillers only

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