Insurance Coverage for Fat Transfer?

Can insurance cover the costs of fat transfer surgery? I am really considering this but my money is very low. I'm not happy with myself, however, I just had a baby. I still would love for my husband to look at me one day and just say "Wow!" It gets very depressing at times. Please Help!

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Insurance will rarely cover fat grafting


Yours does not seem to be a reconstructive case but in some cases insurance will pay for grafting if fat loss was caused by cancer, injury, or infection

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Insurance coverage

Your question about insurance coverage needs to be addressed to your health insurance company. I suggest that you write to them, and get any answers in writing as they frequently change their opinions.

Your insurer is best suited to answer your question, and coverage can vary widely from policy to policy. Medical professionals will expect to be paid by you, and any issue of insurance needs to be handled by the patient.

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Innocent Question about Insurance and Fat Transfer but No

Obviously, we would like our procedures for free. However, insurance was designed to take care of sick patients. So, insurance will not cover a cosmetic fat transfer case. reconstructive cases are few and far between.

when you pick a fat transfer surgeon, make sure you find one with experience, artistry, who can show you tons of before and after photographs that are long term since it is irreversible. don't go by price, go by results. even if your money is tight, save for the right surgeon and the right procedure.

here is a short video course that i gave that you might find interesting.



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Insurance likely will not pay for fat transfer

The odds the ANY commercial insurance company or any Federal agency (Medicare / Medicaid / ObamaCare) would pay for fat transfer are VERY small to zero.

If the fat transfer is used for a reconstructive purpose it may be but I would be very doubtful that this would ever happen.


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Fat transfer coverage by insurance

You didn't say what you were trying to accomplish with a fat transfer.  Neverthless, there really isn't any cosmetic condition in which the insurance industry would cover a fat transfer.

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Insurance Coverage for Fat Transfer

Insurance companies generally will not deem fat transfer to be a medically necessary procedure so most insurance companies will not cover nor reimburse the costs for fat transfer.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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