Fixing Nose Bump of a 13 Year Old Girl?

I'm 13 and I hate my nose. I want it smaller. Everyone calls me names. Is there anything that I can do at my age to make my nose look a little more normal?

I have a big bump at the bridge of my nose. By the way I am a 13 year old girl.

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Wait until age 16 to pursue rhinoplasty

Please wait until age 16 to pursue rhinoplasty surgery. Both cartilage and bone will continue to grow until the age of 16 and it is very important that the nose has fully developed before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery.

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Rhinoplasty in 13 Year Old Girl Who is Teased About Her Big Nose

Hi Thirteen,

Kids can be very mean, I am sorry that you have to hear the mean words from those "bitter hearts". I would advise you to consult with a few rhinoplasty surgeons and see if they think that a little bit of Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse might be able to make your bump appear smoother until you are ready for rhinoplasty.

13 is a little young for the surgery. For best results, your bone growth should be mature. There are radiologists who can look at your X-rays and let you (and your parents) know when your bones will be mature enough for rhinoplasty.

Please try to not let their words bother you. They are immature and probably jealous of you in so many other ways. Don't stoop to their level. Treat others kindly and you will maintain your class and dignity (something that will take a lot more that a simple surgery for those insensitve kids to attain).

Be patient, and before you know it, that big nose of yours will be smaller.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Too early to have rhinoplasty surgery

In most cases, rhinoplasty should be delayed until the facial skeleton has matured. This is typically in the mid to late teens. For girls, cosmetic rhinoplasty should be delayed until at least 14-16 years old. When rhinoplasty is performed after this stage, it is unlikely that the changes from surgery will detrimentally effect facial skeleton development.

What is of equal importance to the physical maturity of the face is the emotional maturity of the patient. When considering cosmetic surgery, it is important to do it for the right motivations-doing it for yourself to look good and feel more confident about your appearance. Additionally, it is important to have realistic expectations about the type of result that can be achieved following rhinoplasty surgery; an improvement in the appearance of the nose, improved balance and harmony between the nose and your facial features, and a timeless result-a result that will look good both right now and in the future.

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Rhinoplasty in a 13 year old girl

Although I have performed rhinoplasties in 13 year old girls, this is not the routine but rather the exception.

It is important to understand that it may be better to wait a couple of years. If you are still very motivated, mature to understand the pros and cons of rhinoplasty AND if your parents agree, then and only then a cosmetic nasal procedure should be considered.

By the way, I would not consider cosmetic rhinoplasty in a 13 year old boy.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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The age depends

It depends on how mature you are and when you got your menses. Girls usually mature before boys and can have their noses done when they are younger. But, I like a certain level of maturity. Talk to a rhinoplastic expert, obviously you need your parents cooperation.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Teenage Rhinoplasty to Remove Bump

Yes, you are too young at this time for nasal surgery.

Rhinoplasty is common plastic surgery procedure for teenage boys and girls. The nose is relatively larger than the rest of the face during this time. Large noses may be due to a bump at the bridge, wide nasal tip, or droopy tip. Due to this facial imbalance or asymmetry, many teenagers pressure their parents for cosmetic surgery. Body parts that might appear too large or too small now can become more proportionate over time.

The nose continues to grow as we age, but the largest rate of nasal growth occurs during teen years. Generally, this rate slows greatly at age 16 for most girls, and 17 for most boys. As a result, most plastic surgeons wait until this age before considering rhinoplasty for teenagers.

One potential option which is relatively new and untested in teenagers is non-surgical rhinoplasty. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon determine the best option for you. Best of luck.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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