Can Fat Transfer Change the Shape of the Face?

I had teeth removed by an orthodontist. It negatively changed my bone structure and soft tissues, making me look gaunt with sunken cheeks, loss of lip support, and cheekbones out of proportion with my jaw.

Is it possible to restore the fullness above my lips, cheeks and jawline with fat transfer? Also, can it make my face look wider, as it did before? Is it possible for the face to be reshaped dramatically? Or would it be more achievable and bring back the lower part of my face in another way like jaw implants?

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Fat Grafting to change the shape of face- View LOTS of Photos

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I often ask patients to bring in photos of themselves from their youth in order to help determine exactly how they have aged over the years and to turn back the clock in the most natural looking way possible. In a case like yours, I would ask the same thing. Fat grafting cannot miraculously turn back the clock twenty or more years. But, when expertly administered, the results are beautiful, natural and lasting. Fat grafting can correct imperfections and / or create a more youthful look to the face. It is imperative to view many, many photos and to be certain that the plastic surgeon you select is very experienced with fat grafting. Too many plastic surgeons overfill with fat, hoping that after some reabsorption the results with be acceptable. Sadly, many people end up with an overfilled, distorted look. Fat grafting is a surgical procedure that requires precision, experience, specialized equipment and patience on the part of a physician. 

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Fat grafting to the face can improve facial hollow

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facial fat grafting or fat injection to the face can be an excellent option for filling out an empty face. facial hollowing caused by removal of teeth, weight loss, aging, or auto-immune disease can be corrected by facial fat grafting. the most important factor is to choose a plastic surgeon who is experienced in facial fat grafting and cosmetic surgery of the face in Los Angeles.


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Fat tranfser is a great option.

It is possible to restore fullness in the:

  1. peri-oral
  2. cheeks
  3. jawline

with fat transfer.  In adding fat to these areas your face will widen.  Jaw implants alone will accentuate the sub-malar hollowness that you dislike.

Keep in mind that if you do not have some fat deposits elsewhere on your body, fat grafting no longer becomes an option.


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Using fat to change the shape of the face

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Fat grafting can be used to augment or add volume anywhere in the face. The shape of the face can be changed by altering the facial silhouette. Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Fat transfer

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Yes fat transfer can do miracles for people as it is abundant filler and is permanent.  it is cost effective as well.  it is full of stem cells and has so much benefits over other fillers in right areas done with experienced hands.

Fat grafting can sculpt and reshape your face

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Fat grafting can fill in the hollowness under your cheek bones and is the best long-term option.  Short-term fillers will work but are not cost effective due to high volumes needed

Fat Transfer or Sculptra to Change Facial Contour

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Yes, fat transfer can dramatically add volume and re-contour your face.

With the recent FDA approval of Sculptra, it will become a popular treatment for restoring volume and contour to faces that have lost volume.

With both procedures, technique and the skill of your physician are essential for optimal results.

Good luck and be well.

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Loss of facial volume

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The difficulty in your situation is the extensivenessof the process. While orhtodontic work explains the loss of volume in the upper lip, it does not make sense that it would have created the cheek hollows. For the lack of volume in the upper lip there are special implants for this but injectables are the best long term solution but fillers are a great subsititute.

Altering the shape of your face

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It seems that the photo makes it hard to tell exactly what your true facial proportions are. There are many ways to change the shape of your face including facial implants, fat injections, and injections of fillers. Each has its pros and cons and would be best reviewed with an expert plastic surgeon in your area.

Can fat transfer be used to change facial shape and restore volume.

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Fat transfer is an excellent option to restore volume and fullness to selected areas in the face.  The main drawback is the variable degree of resorption that occurs following the procedure.  Up to 25-30% of individuals will require 1 or 2 repeat grafting procedures to achieve optimal correction.  However, once achieved the results are much longer lasting and more cost-effective than  "off-the-shelf" dermal fillers.

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS, FRCSC, FACS.

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