Chemical Peel for Dark Neck Skin?

My neck has become very dark than my body. Which type of chemical peel will help me to get rid of this problem? Will my neck have the same color as my body?

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In general, chemical peels will not help

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Before you consider any treatment it is important to know if you are overweight/obese. You can have thicker skin which will appear as dark skin. In general, if your weight is not the problem, consider using mosturizer with lactic acid/urea on a daily basis for few months. The skin color will improve. If your work is in the outdoors, you should practice good suncare.

Muscat Dermatologic Surgeon

Neck hyperpigmentation

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Neck hyperpigmentation generally is very deep pigmentation and usually does not respond to either peels or laser. I would discourage peels for this purpose as it not very likely to work and if not done correctly, can leave you with untoward side effects, scarring and uneven pigmentation.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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