Salon Vs Medical Practice for Best Peel Results?

It seems to me that if I wanted to spend money on facial care (Peels specifically), my money would be better spent with a physician based practice & Chemical peels rather than at salons, which more often than not use fruit peels.

Where do I get the most bang for my buck? And most important, the best results? Also, which carries the best line of products to care for your skin between peels? Thank you.

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Salon vs Medical peels

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The end goal—clear, beautiful skin—is the same no matter what peel you get. But a medical peel, like the ones we offer in my office, is much more powerful than anything you can get in a salon. The main reason: we use medical-grade skincare products that contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. This gives you more dramatic results. Salon peels are often geared toward a more relaxing, pampering experience. The other benefit of medical peels: you can have other concerns treated by one of our renowned board-certified dermatologists after your facial.

Salon Vs Medical Practice for Best Peel Results?

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There are many different types of peels and prices. Most peels done in a salon are of lesser strength then in the doctors office. The doctors office also carries skin care lines not available in the salon.

It is a personal choice but I would go to a dermatologist for peels rather than a salon

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I would go to a dermatolgist for a peel and skin care products over a salon or cosmetic counter because a dermatolgist can not only be more aggressive with the peel if warranted but can also handle any complications. Sometimes times patients can be allergic to a peeling agent and require prescription medications which a non- medical provider can't write for. Also, if there any issues with wound healing, infection, etc a physician can take care of.

This is not to say a salon does not have very good providers but I personally think it is safer in a medical environment. Alot of peels have low risk and are safe most of the time in a salon. The salon usually offers a more relaxing environment and if that is important I would choose a salon.

Facial skin chemical peels in office, spa, or salon

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Cosmetic results from a chemical peel are mostly dependent on depth of peel, chemical agent, and your skin quality. The physical location (physician's office versus a spa or salon) itself should not matter. Patients get better results with deeper peels; however, the recovery time and potential risks are higher. Any location where skin care takes place must be clean & sterile.

Generally speaking fruit peels are very superficial and do not go deep into the skin. Consequently, the results are minimal and treatment must be repeated multiple times to appreciate an effect. Recovery is quick though.

Any treatment which goes deeper into the skin must be performed by a physician. Lastly, skin care starts before and continues after the peel, which your physician can help manage. Certain skin care products are only available from a physician. Best of luck.

Salon vs Medical Practice

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The results are more likely to be better with a board certified physician in a medical practice dedicated to skin care or plastic surgery.

Salons cannot perform the medium depth chemical peels that physicians can. Also the regulations and standards are much stricter for physician offices than salons. That adds a certain degree of safety for you.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon

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