Chemical Peel Safety on a Lupus Patient?

I don't know which cosmetic procedures I can have, if any, because I have lupus. I've been on remission for 7 years. Also, I never had cutaneous symptoms while my lupus was active. Is there a high risk for me with a chemical peel? If it's safe, which is the deepest peel that I could get (superficial, medium?) I know It would be better to have an apointment with a dermatologist, but I would rather spare my money if I can't have any cosmetic procedure anyway.

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Only Superficial Peels For Lupus Patients

You are better off getting only superficial peels. A medium or deep peel will be too risky for you. You can get very good results with superficial peels combined with regular skin care. Superficial peels inlcude glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, 10% TCA.


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Would Not Recommend Peel

This is the type of question in which you will probably get quite a variety of opinions.

Mine is that you need all the skin protection you can muster. Having the top of the epidermal layer peeled off is essentially the reverse of a sunscreen. Since this exposes you more to the sun's rays this cannot be a good thing.

Perhaps, my view is colored by the example of a patient who, beginning with discoid lupus, had severe sun exposure, developd rapidly progressive glomerulonephriltis and died.

Thus, I would not recommend a chemical peel.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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