How Long Would I Need Braces for Teeth Gaps?

I have straight teeth but between each tooth, I have a small to medium sized gap and a little bit of an overbite. I'm just hoping it won't take long to fix my problem.

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GaPS are easy!

Your mild upper and lower spaces could be closed within 4 months with Invisalign.

The teeth could be pulled backwards and inwards or closer to each other in order to close the gaps.


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Recommend getting a consultation

Looking at only one photo taken from a frontal view is not enough to determine treatment length. If your bite is correct, meaning the way your teeth fit together in the back of your mouth when you bite down, then treatment for space closure could be about 6 months or less. If your bite is not correct then just closing the spaces in the front of your mouth could be detrimental to your bite and cause various other problems. The best thing would be to go to a certified orthodontist who is specifically trained in evaluating these conditions.

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Nothing is absolute

Generally speaking, a matter of months is likely all you would need (based on the photo). Invisalign will usually move about 0.2 mm per aligner, each one worn for 2 weeks.

Seek a consultation with an orthodontist or Invisalign provider dentist and see if you qualify for Invisalign Express (treatment lasting less than 5 months).

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Time in braces is hard to determine with one picture

It is hard to determine how long your treatment would take in traditional or clear braces from one picture. While you want the space between your teeth to be closed, it is also important to make sure that your bite is in the correct position once the spaces are closed. I would recommend consulting an orthodontist who can give you your treatment options and length of treatment.

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Closing spaces is one of the easiest tooth movements

In your picture, your spaces do not appear to be very large and your overbite looks pretty good. But what we can not see is the back teeth. It is just as important as the front ones...just not as noticeable. If you back teeth bite is perfect it is a very straighforward case. Braces are put on, any minor turned teeth are straightened for a few months, then a stiffer wire is put in and spaces are closed with an elastic chain for a few months. (See the attached video). If needed your orthodontist may go to a different wire to help angulate the roots too. So based on your picture it could be as short as 6-8 monts, but if there are bite issues, it could be longer.

Doug Depew, DMD
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