How to Fix Misaligned Tooth from Not Wearing Retainers?

I didn't wear retainers, wisdom teeth not taken out, now teeth have moved. I wore my retainer every day/night for a year after my braces were taken off. Then I stopped.

Another year later my front tooth has moved forward a little and the tooth next to it has been pushed back. This seems to be because my wisdom teeth are pushing my teeth out-of-line and I (stupidly) stopped wearing my retainer.

I plan on getting my wisdoms taken out soon and I'm ok with how my teeth generally look. I'm just not happy with the out-of-line front tooth and the tooth next to it. What should I do to straighten these crooked teeth? I want my teeth to be perfect again!

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Invisalign is great for "second time around" cases

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One of the great things with Invisalign is that if used as a "second time around" tool, it doesn't take much to get back to where things were. Certainly brackets and wires can do it, but if it were me, I would opt for Invisalign.

However, this is similar to wearing retainers, and since your first go-round with retainers wasn't very positive, you should think twice. If you know that you won't comply with wearing the aligners, then wires should be done. But even with THAT, you will need retainers at the end.

Minor relapse can sometimes be easily fixed

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It is true.  Minor relapse can sometimes be easily fixed.  That depends of course upon the stability of the rest of your bite.  If the back teeth are still hitting well and are stable when you bite down, then the minor shift in the front teeth can sometimes be quickly and easily corrected by mildly shaving the contact between the teeth that are crowding. Then the orthodontist would use what is called an invisible retainer (like Invisalign) with the problem tooth/teeth moved into the correct position.  Wearing this could correct the problem in a few weeks.  I hope this helps.

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