If I have diabetes could I be a candidate for arm lift surgery

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There is no reason why you couldn't have one, you need to be assessed by a physician but there is no reason if you are medically well otherwise that you cannot have this procedure.

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Hello, thank you for your question regarding an arm lift or brachioplasty and diabetes.  You can have an arm lift with diabetes. Having diabetes does not prevent you from having an arm reduction or brachioplasty.  Controlling your glucose after your arm reduction will be important. There will be stressors after your arm lift surgery. Stressors like pain, limited mobility, and loss of appetite can all lead to abnormally high glucose levels.   I would suggest notifying your endocrinologist or internist that you are considering an arm lift.  These doctors may have to assist your plastic surgeon in controlling your sugars after your arm lift.  Please seek a board certified plastic surgeon with significant experience in arm lifts, arm reductions, or brachioplasty.
Please contact my office if you have further questions.  Good luck. Sincerely, Dr. Katzen

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Diabetes and Arm Lift Surgery

Although you have a slightly higher risk for infections this doesn't preclude you from having surgery of any kind. Controlling your sugar levels and prophylactic antibiotics should be all that is necessary. However check with your endocrinologist before hand. People with diabetes may have other associated heart and kidney diseases that could preclude you from surgery or you may need to be on a modified insulin regimen during the arm lift procedure.

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Yes. As long as your sugar is in control and you have a medical clearance by your doctor then a brachioplasty is ok to do. Go to a board certified plastic surgeon

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