Had 350 HP Gel Mentor Implants a Year and Half Ago. Contemplating Getting Revision to 450CC HP Gel Mentors

Hello. I'm asian, 5'6 and weigh about 112lbs. I was a 30A and now am a 30C with a waist size of 24\25 inches. Got a BA 350CC and strongly thinking abt revision to 450CC. It's been on my mind since post op where "I wish I was bigger". Not sure if 100CC is worth the mental anguish. They look great now and I'm afraid if I got 450CC, the disadvantages would outweigh advantages heavily ie gravity, maybe too heavy for my skin elasticity etc. But again, would 100CC make it that more dangerous?

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Larger breast implants

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It's not unusual for patients to come back and wish that they had gone larger once everything has settled from their initial surgery.  My dad, who was also a plastic surgeon, used to tell me that a cup size was about 150-200 cc's.  That was a pretty decent rule of thumb, however, every patient is different.  Most of my patients want to be a full C or small D cup.  Using my dad's rule of thumb, another 100 cc's would probably put you in that range.

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Question about changing the size of implants - by 100 cc?

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Some times the evil of good is better. Going up only 100 cc will change you about 1/2 a cup size.  If this is important to you then consider the change otherwise be happy with your result. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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100 cc more for implants

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If you look great and are happy why go bigger?  Certainly you can if you really want, but every surgery carries some risk.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Not A Problem at all

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What I would tell my patient is that you have to be happy with your result. If you constantly think that you need to be bigger than it is taking up too much of your active thoughts and you just need to go ahead and do it. 100 cc for a 5'6" woman is not an extraordinary leap in size. You may need to change the profile of your implant to a High Profile implant so that the implant is not too wide for your chest. There are always risks involved but nothing out of the ordinary.

Itzhak Nir, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Changing to larger breast implants

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Most women want to look a natural as possible after undergoing breast augmentation.  In order to achieve this look you need adequate amount of soft tissue (skin, fat, breast) to cover the implant.  If you currently look great with saline implants then you may not look very natural going to 450cc saline implants.  Silicone gel implants are kinder to the look as you go larger but you don't want to outstrip your body's ability to cover the implants.  Your surgeon can help with your decision.

Clyde H. Ishii, MD, FACS
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

Contemplating Getting Revision to 450CC

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This is best answered in person after an examination and breast measurements. Without photos, any opinions are "guesses." 

My guess is that if they look great, leave them alone. It is a bit hard to imagine that an implant much bigger than what you have will look natural on your frame with a 30 inch band. 

But do discuss options with your surgeon.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Revisionary Surgery to Increase Breast Size Worth It?

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Thank you for the question.

 Ultimately, only you will be able to decide whether additional surgery is “worth it”. This is especially true since you are pleased with the results of the breast augmentation surgery in general. Your plastic surgeon may be a good resource for you to communicate your concerns/goals and to weigh these against the potential risk/complications associated with additional surgery.

 Only after weighing the pros/cons will you be able to make a good decision whether or not to proceed with additional surgery. If you do decide to proceed with additional surgery, make sure you communicate your goals clearly;  in my practice, I find the use of goal pictures very helpful during this process.

 Best wishes.

Going up 100 ccs in breast implants

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Generally you need 100 ccs more in upsizing implants to see a difference.  But unless your 35 HP impants currently are wide apart, I doubt that you have enough room to put in the width corresponding to a 450 cc HP implant without risking a unibreast.

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