I Have a Bold Tribal Mark Given to Me when I Was a Child, Options to Get Rid of It?

am a 29 years old female, am from Nigeria,i need to know how i can reduce or remove a bold tribal mark on my cheeck i got when i was a baby, pls doctor i really need an answer because it makes me feel uncomfortable and i dont want it on my face on my wedding day because i want to look beautiful on that day....so pls advice me on how i can get rid of it locally or surgically...thank you

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Cheek Scars

Unfortunately, removing your cheek scars surgically will only leave more scars in this area.  It may be possible to dermabrade or sand the scar to flatten and blur its outline but this will probably leave a larger area of darker pigmentation. You would still need to use some kind of camouflaging makeup

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What to do about shallow scars on cheeks

I would recommend doing a test spot with a fractional erbium laser to see if there is improvement of the scar.  There is always a risk of hyperpigmentation, so strict sun avoidance/protection must be practiced.  Also a skin lightening agent should be used for a month before and a month after the procedure.

If the results of the test spot are good, I would proceed to treat the entire scar.  One of the problems is that the scars are located on the convex area of the cheeks making them more noticeable.


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