Wanting to grow out mustache to cover scar on upper lip. Will hair grow where there's scar tissue?

I have a small scar on the center of my upper lip which is fairly visible when i'm shaven, so I thought id go for a stylish moustache in order to cover it. Problem is, Iv'e read that hair won't grow on scars and im afraid it will still be visible.. altough iv'e seen 1-2 hairs grow from that one spot so i'm a bit confused. Basically, I wonder if theres any methods in speeding up the moustache growth? Or force hairgrowth around/on the small scar?

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Upper lip scar

The answer to your question depends on whether there are healthy hair follicles in the scar.

If there are then hair will grow from the follicles.  If not hair will not grow.

The simplist approach is to not shave the area for a few  days and see if there is a bald spot in the scar or whether hair grows from the scar.

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Dealing with a scar of the upper lip

In general, hairs do not grow in/through scars in any significant quantity. As a consequence, you may still be able to clearly see the scar as a hairless area even with a moustache but this would depend on several factors. The only way to determine if it can help camouflage the scar is to grow one and see if it is an improvement (or if you look better with a moustache in general!).

If the scar is fairly wide, a scar revision may be able to reduce it enough so that it won't be as visible or can be better hidden with a moustache.

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