Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Bull Horn Lip Lift? (photo)

I am 17 and I always hear about older people getting this procedure done, but I feel like even though I am younger this would make my face look considerably nicer. My bottom lip is fine in my opinion, but when I open my mouth and let my jaw relax, my teeth do not show, and I have almost NO shape to my upper lip at all. From the side especially it looks pretty bad. What do you think? Please excuse my chapped lips haha. Thank you.

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A Lip Lift Creates A Significant Scar: Consider a Lip Advancement

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In my opinion, young people should avoid a significant upper lip visible scar.  A lip implant or lip advancement offers a fuller lip with a nice change, while avoiding the long, visible scar.  The lip advancement moves lip tissue from the inside to the outside area of the lip wit incisions limited to inside the mouth.   

It is also helpful to have an injectional filler such as Restylane or Juvederm as a trial before considering lip surgery.  Once  you are 18, find a good board certified plastic surgeon in your area to work with.


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