Sharp Bone Poking Through my Skin. How to Correct It?

I had a septo/rhino 6/18/13 and have been healing nicely except on the left side of my bridge there is a sharp bone or cartilage that is very irritating to my skin. The skin has become paper thin and I'm afraid the bone is going to poke through the skin. My doctor didn't give me much explanation but he said don't touch it and I haven't I've ignored it. He said in a year we can inject fat to that area to sooth the discomfort but I don't think I'll make it a year until it pokes through! Help!

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Sharp Bone Poking Through my Skin. How to Correct It?

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Its hard to tell without a picture or good examination. It would be unusual for the bone to poke through. If it were graft material that was placed, I would be more concerned since the body can reject those and they have been known to extrude when very close to the skin. Bone on the other hand is part of your own body and would unlikely pierce through the skin. Only a proper examination could determine that however. Without examining you, it is difficult to answer but I would be surprised if fat could camouflage bone that is that close to the skin. Also, fat implant survival long term in an area that is between bone and very thin skin would be difficult to predict and less likely to succeed. I think that you would likely benefit from that bone being rasped down at some point. This could be done via a small endonasal incision with limited dissection and subsequent downtime. Again, without examining you, it is difficult to recommend. Good luck

Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dorsal Irregularities After Rhinoplasty

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What you are feeling after your procedure is most likely a fragment of bone or cartilage which was not reduced satisfactorily during your procedure.  The use of filler or fat transfer is successful in order to camouflage small irregularities of the nasal dorsum, but from your description it seems the problem might be more complex.  I would suggest you followup with a board certified surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty for a consultation.  

Anthony Corrado, DO
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Shave off the bony protrusion

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It is quite easy to gently shave off a cartilage or bone protrusion as an in office procedure. Trying to hide it by using fillers or fat might not work. The doctor can even use a small chisel (osteotome) to shave the protrusion from going inside the nostril.  Dr. J
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Irregularity of the nose after a rhinoplasty

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Really need a photograph to understand your problem.  If you had a nasal fracture as part of your rhinoplasty it is possible that a spicule of bone is poking out. It may need to be rasped down in the future.  A exam is needed to give your a complete recommendation.  

Bone poking thru skin after rhinoplasty.

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Bone poking thru skin after rhinoplasty should be a cause for concern. Get a second opinion from a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Corrective rhinoplasty will smooth the contour of the nose.

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The bony part of the nasal wall skin shows through the thin skin of the dorsum of the nose. One of the accomplishments of a rhinoplasty is to smooth out these irregularities.

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