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Profound (formerly known as ePrime: The Evolastin Procedure) is a minimally invasive treatment designed to help people who have sagging skin and loss of volume around the mouth, cheeks, and neck. A handheld device with tiny radiofrequency energy needles is placed on the skin, releasing heat at a precise temperature and depth. This energy stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Recovery time can take up to a week, with maximal benefits typically seen about three months after a single treatment.

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Profound Results! - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm 49 years old and my skin is beginning to show it's age. I've seen the results on two other people from the Profound, and really wanted to try it. From my understanding -- Profound gives results everytime. With varying degrees, but 100 percent of the time is astounding for a noninvasive... READ MORE

Profound RF....absolutely One of the Best Decisions in a Long Long Time.....

This procedure was recommended to me as a non surgical way to tighten the skin and that the down time and pain would be minimal. I am happy to report both are true and the results just 30 days after the procedure almost dramatic. I had the procedure late on a Thursday afternoon and was out... READ MORE

Profound FX ... First Day of Recovery - Thousand Oaks, CA

Dr. Kouros Azar performed my profound RF procedure in his office. It was easy with little pain. The procedure does require a lot of injections to numb the area, but this is absolutely the only pain, even in recovery. I am very pleased with the experience of the procedure (my doctor and his staff... READ MORE

Profoundly Happy With Profound and Dr. Mark Beaty Part I, II, & III - Atlanta, GA

I am a research fanatic. I won’t buy or do anything until I am positive I have read all that I can find on the subject. My career is based in research and I see such value in it that I do the same in my real life. I also have the combo of mad research skills and street smarts so it is very h... READ MORE

so glad I took the risk

I was very nervous about this treatment, and waited several months before I would review. I am completely blown away with the results. Not only does my ski look tighter and my neck no long needs a neck lift, I also have skin with a whole new texture which I was not at all expecting. My pores... READ MORE

Profound Laser Treatment

I'm a 40 year old female starting to see pre-jowling and skin laxity around my lower face. I didn't want to add filler for fear of looking more masculine or over filled. With this treatment creating collagen, elastin and hyluronic acid I was eager to try it. The provider itself was easy!! The... READ MORE

One Simple Fix for 30 Years of Problems - Beverly Hills, CA

In the 20+ years I have dealt with acne, I have probably spent over $10,000 in acne treatments, creams, ointments, oral medications, facials, dermatology appointments...and not seen a single improvement in my skin. ONE profound treatment with Dr. Ben Talei changed my skin forever. My pores are... READ MORE

The Best Dr - Beverly Hills, CA

I went into Dr Ben Talei wanting a lower lift. Dr Ben Talei of Beverly Hills told me about a lazor treatment called Profound. He explained it was Ulthera on crack. I had done Ulthera with barely any results. I was extremely sceptacal. Long story short I did the procedure. All I can say is WOW... READ MORE

Profound Lift - Knees - San Ramon, CA

I had Profound Lift on my sagging knees and the area above, the results look really promising. This is a one time procedure with several passes on the area, unlike Infini with several procedure and three passes and results in my opinion were disappointing. In a few months I'll post an after... READ MORE

Review for the Firming Treatment "Profound" - Sam Ramon, CA

Being a guy over 40, I thought I would look into skin care treatments that would help keep me competitive in the San Francisco Bay Area market. I read an article in men's fitness about Dr. Hayes Gladstone and realized he opened a new clinic in San Ramon California. I called to make an... READ MORE

My face is destroyed by ePrime device(Evolastin and Elevate-new names but same ePrime device be aware!!)-Rockville, MD

I had an ePrime skin rejuvenation procedure performed on my face on Tuesday. It was performed by the dermatologist specializing in laser procedures. The representative from Syneron was assisting during this procedure. The dermatologist injected 4 shots of anesthesia and applied anesthesia... READ MORE

Renu Lift ( E Prime & sublative)- Boulder, CO

I am a 40 year old woman who needed a little rejuvenating. I did this procedure because I didn't want to do fillers. I want to still look like myself but rejuvenated. I went to doctor Becker in Boulder he and his staff were very helpful in finding the right procedure for me. I am only a couple... READ MORE

Flew to St. Louis, MO, from Miami, FL, for Profound RF! Thrilled That I Did!

Dr. Ridenour and his staff are Amazzing! I began to do research on Profound RF (Profound Lift) after discovering the option during an appt with a Miami Dermatologist. I had heard of it but didn't really know much about it. I soon discovered after a lot of web searching that it really can provide... READ MORE

Waiting to See Results

I just had the treatment yesterday but really liked looking at others results before having the treatment myself, which is why I'm going to update my experience so others are able to do the same. The treatment itself was great with the injectable anesthesia. Otherwise it would have been too... READ MORE

Profound Amazing with Dr Bopp

I lost a lot of weight and had terrible sagging skin on my neck. Dr Bopp recommend profound laser. Dr Bopp did an amazing job and I'm so happy with the results. Recovery was short, and procedure was not painful at all. Dr Bopp numbed me very well. I have the. I have the neck of a 25 year old! I... READ MORE

Profound RF with Dr. Nima Nash

First let me state that I am not easy to please. I have high standards and equally high expectations. Especially when I'm dealing with Plastic Surgeons. But Dr. Nima Nash, Privet MD and Dr. Leif Rogers have somehow managed to exceed my expectations. The office is beautiful, the staff friendly... READ MORE

Profound Laser - Skin Tightening - Beverly Hills, CA

So 3 months ago, I completed PROFOUND on my face and neck with Dr Leif Rogers in BH. This radio – frequency laser was done on me to help with tightening my skin. Now in my 50's, I am one of those who just can’t seem to bring myself to admitting a face lift is in my future! The Profound exp... READ MORE

43 year old male with old, saggy skin

The results are exactly what I was hoping for. I am a 43 year old male and I was starting to notice I was looking older. I am a former smoker and my skin looks very aged and saggy around my cheeks and jaw. I was thinking about doing a facelift, but when I found Dr. Rogers, he told me about this... READ MORE

56 Year Old Female Not Ready for Facelift

Over the past few years, my skin has started to sag around my cheeks and neck. I didn't want to do anything surgical like a facelift or need anesthesia. I had a consultation with Dr. Rogers and he told me about the Profound treatment. He numbed me before the procedure in my face and neck and... READ MORE

Remarkable Results and Very Little Down Time! - St. Louis, MO

I had the PROFOUND treatment done to my lower face and neck in December, 2015 at Ridenour Plastic Surgery and there is no better name for this procedure. It is truly exceptional and my results were far more dramatic than I ever anticipated. As a 59 year-old woman, my jawline had become loose and... READ MORE

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