I had a Profound treatment done almost three weeks ago. Is it normal for my jawline to be numb and sore?

I also have soreness and numbness in my neck. Area under chin feels kind of jiggly and is still swollen. Does my healing fall within the normal time range for this procedure? The treatment focused on my lower face/jawline and neck.

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Soreness and numbness after Profound RF

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Yes, that is perfectly normal. I suspect that some of the superficial sensory nerves in the skin get injured by the applied heat. The effect is temporary and resolves in 100% of patients.  It may take several months to feel completely normal. Good luck

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Yes, Profound can have prolonged pain

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Yes, Profound is extremely powerful in its delivery system, and the angle needles, especially in this area along with RF energy can hit some sensory nerves. This will settle down within the next few weeks, not, see a Physician for low dose pregabapentin. All the best,

Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane, Australia. 

Profound RF recovery

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Thank you for your question.  Typically the swelling does resolved by this timeframe, but you may still feel some residual swelling if you had a more aggressive treatment or one that involves different depths.  Profound RF has both a deep dermal treatment level as well as one that is deeper to target the underlying fatty tissue in the areas under the chin.  I would recommend that you revisit with your surgeon to help you discuss your present symptoms.

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