Discomfort + Porcelain Veneers

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Gum Discomfort/burning Sensation Just Above the Veneer, Is This Normal?

For the past few days I have been having upper gum discomfortin the area just above the veneer. Veneers (upper front 4) were placed a month ago by a... READ MORE

The dentist did not tell me the truth about veneers. No downsides, risks were explained. I'm in pain.Is the dentist responsible?

Had some filling material on my 2 front teeth.One tooth started showing a stain from older filling which was not bad but was a room for improvement.My... READ MORE

A month after getting the Veneers and still in discomfort.

Got 2 front veneers a month ago. Temporaries did not feel pain or discomfort. Left veneer felt sensitive when i flossed it or compressed it from the... READ MORE

Swelling that has traveled, following veneers. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had veneers placed in on Monday and soon thereafter experienced discomfort on one of the teeth. I wasn't able to bite down or apply pressure... READ MORE

What is a valid reason to get 6 upper veneers replaced for 3rd time with no cost?

Experiencing discomfort/sensitivity/foul smell from my veneers Im EXTREMELY self conscious now I dont like talking or kissing and... READ MORE

Experiencing discomfort and sharp pain along with some pressure in my one veneer. Any suggestions?

Hi! I am a 24 year old female and am currently in a situation with my teeth. So back when I was about 17 I got braces done. I had a gap between my... READ MORE

Discomfort on gum around veneered tooth (vital tooth)

I am feeling discomfort(actually irritatimg feelings) on gum around veneered tooth. I know that the gum around veneered tooth may experience... READ MORE

Tooth discomfort and throbbing after scraped in preparation for veneer

My teeth are scraped and install temporary casing, for vaneer purposes on December 15, 2016. Unfortunately, to this day still has not been installed... READ MORE

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