Gum Discomfort/burning Sensation Just Above the Veneer, Is This Normal?

For the past few days I have been having upper gum discomfortin the area just above the veneer. Veneers (upper front 4) were placed a month ago by a very competent dentist). The other three teeth do not have any gum sensitivity around them. The tissue does not seem inflamed, just has this burning sensation that is constantly present. I am aware that sensitivity is normal within few weeks after but not sure why only one tooth is affected. I take very good care of my teeth and gums

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Burning Sensation in gum on one of four veener placements

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Since you have had four veneers placed and only the area above one is giving you grief, it is obviously a localized problem. Obviously you need to go back to the dentist who placed the veneer and resolve the gum problem. The veneer could have been placed to close to the bone abd the gum will not heal and is inflammed. Also the veneer could have been placed to close to the gum and there is constant irritation in that one area. I think the problem is resolvable and your dentist can take care of it. Do not continue to go on like this. Make the appointment and have him check the gum and the placement of the veneer. You mentioned you have good oral hygiene and a competent dentist so this issue should be resolved quickly.

Valencia Dentist

Porcelain Veneers and Burning Sensation

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It would be unusual to all of a sudden have an allergic reaction on just one veneer several weeks after placement.  Therefore, it is probably not an allergic reaction.   My recommendation would be to go back to your dentist hand have them take an xray and take a look at your gum.  It could be as simple as being a piece of bonding cement that dislodged and is irritating your gum.  Many patients feel that you are bothering your dentist to call them and ask for them to take a look, but most dentists want to know if you are having any problems right away.  So don't hesitate to give your dentist a call.

Toni Margio, DMD
Las Vegas Dentist

Burning gum above a veneer

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Most patients do not have adverse reactions to restoration such as porcelain veneers.  In rare cases, a patient may have an alergic reaction to the restorative or bonding materials, but these usually manifest themselves shortly after placement. 

In your case the sensation involves one of four teeth, suggesting a localized problem.  Issues may include the veneer being placed too close to the bone supporting the tooth (violating the biologic width), excess bonding material trapped under the gumline and causing a local irritation or my favorite, PCKS.

PCKS stands for Pop Corn Kernel Syndrome.  When corn is popped, it's thin outer shell fractures and can be easily caught under the gums.  Like a suction cup, this shard can adhere to the tooth and be difficult to remove.  Dental floss can generally catch the edge and remove the shard.  Similar irritation can result from other food debris getting caught under the gums.

Arrange to see your dentist.  Simple removal of the cement or food debris stuck inthis area may quickly alleviate your symptoms.

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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Issues with veneer

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In most instances procelain veneers have no problems at all. If the end of the veneer is under the gum it may be causing an irritation or they may have left some cement under the gum.  Could be a varietey of different things.  I would go back to the original dentist and have them check the area

Gum sensitivity near veneer

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It sounds as though something may be stuck under the gum tissue, either some food (like popcorn), or maybe a small residue of the bonding cement.  The bonding cements used are either clear or tooth colored, and as such it can be easy to leave a small amount behind when bonding veneers or crowns to teeth.  You should contact your dentist to have that area checked.

Andrea Stevens, DMD
Ottawa Dentist

Porcelain veneers can cause problems....

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Most often, porcelain veneers have no issues at ALL.... However, the edges can be too close to the gums or other issues. Go back to the original dentist and see what HE says....

Gum sensitivity in tissue by veneer

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This could be one of several issues and the most important thing is to get back to your dentist to look at it if it continues.  It is unlikely an allergy due to no reaction on the other 3 veneers unless something was done differently on this veneer.  The tissue would be red and swollen it something were trapped under the gums like a peice of the bonding cement.  Could be a canker sore or some other immune reaction coming on in which case an ulcer would generally appear, usually higher in the gums above the tooth.  Seeing it gives the best diagnosis so go  back to your dentist and let him see it.  Good luck!

Gum irritation after porcelain veneers

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Sounds like you are having some irritation in the gum that is leading to the sensitivity.  Sometimes this could be due to a bit of cement that is left behind when the veneers are bonded, or glued, to the teeth.  Sometimes the sensitivity is a sign of something more serious and on the flip side this could be just some trauma to the gum that is not related to the veneer.  Your best bet is to see your dentist. 

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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