Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant

*Treatment results may vary

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Chin implants can have a significant impact on ones appearance especially when done in conjunction with a rhinoplasty. We did a study in which we proved that a chin implant does significantly improve the first impression one makes.

Additionally a chin implant will give the appearance of a longer, more angled jaw and neck line, both physical characteristics consistent with youthfulness. In the male patient a chin implant is associated with strength, whereas a small or recessed chin may give the impression of weakness. The comic book people realize this.

Just look at all the superhero characters such as Batman, Superman, and Spiderman who are endowed with a strong square chin. Even female super heroes such as Wonder Woman are given a prominent chin.

In this woman in particular she had a mersilene mesh chin implant which I prefer because I believe it feels more natural than the commonly used silastic implants.

Also, I create it just prior to surgery to be the exact size that best complements the patient’s appearance.

The downside to mersilene implants is that because it integrates so well into the bodies own tissues, if the patient wants it out or it gets infected (both of which are rather unlikely) it is difficult to get out.

Overall most patients who get chin implants are overwhelmingly thrilled with the permanent and lasting results.