Non-surgical Revision Rhinoplasty

*Treatment results may vary

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Background: This San Francisco Bay Area lawyer had a Rhinoplasty performed by another surgeon in 2003, that left her with a very unnatural indentation in her tip, and a slight bump in her nasal dorsum. She consulted with me to see if there was a non-surgical option for resolution, as she didn’t have the time to set aside for recovery and was hesitant to undergo another surgery.

My Assessment: Unfortunately, there is a drastic concavity in the supratip area, probably due to a collapse of the cartilage after the Rhinoplasty surgery. Because she has thin skin, the complete outline at the tip of the cartilage can be seen, giving the nose an unnatural, operated appearance. Dermafillers may be placed in the area of depression to improve the nasal appearance. The results will last between 6 to 9 months on average.

Procedure: One syringe of Juvederm placed to the indentation in the nasal tip

Same Day Follow Up: The indentation in her tip has been filled, instantly smoothing her profile. She is thrilled with the speed and ease of the procedure, allowing her to walk out of our office with exactly the results she wanted and with no down-time needed for recovery.