25-34 year old woman treated with Rhinoplasty

*Treatment results may vary

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This early twenty year old had a skateboard injury and had decided to see Dr. Oakley Smith. She wanted to breathing better, her nose straight, the bump gone and her tip less round. She has fine with the overall size of her nose.

Crooked noses are one of the most difficult abnormalities to repair in plastic surgery. People are often believe that straightening the interior twisted septum will as a result straight the nose externally. This in fact seldom occurs. The deviation causing impaired breathing isn't the same part of the septum involved in the external crookedness. Additionally the sides of a nose are firmly attached to the septum and thereby prevent this part from moving while the interior part does. One reason for the reduced success rate is cartilage memory. Cartilage tries to return to its original position. It resists surgical intervention. There are many techniques available to counter this characteristic of cartilage. In her case the right cartilaginous side wall was trimmed and her septum pulled over and secured by suturing it together.