25-34 year old woman treated with Rhinoplasty

*Treatment results may vary

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This attractive young girl wished for a smaller overall nose with the hump removed and her tip no longer droopy. The results are a clear improvement. Her nasal tip is now rotated to a aesthetically pleasing angle. Her profile now is straight which is the not the most popular choice for women, but works well with her other features. The overall nose has been made smaller by de-projecting her nasal tip towards her face by only 2mms. Areas which were also improved but she wasn’t concerned about were her wide columella where her cartilaginous footplates were sutured together and the pinching of her bridge best seen on her frontal view. Dr. Oakley Smith would like to point out that although there has been substantial improvement, her nose isn’t perfect and very close analysis will reveal small imperfections which are always present following rhinoplasty.
Before and after rhinoplasty photos by Dr. Oakley Smith