25-34 year old man treated with Male Breast Reduction

*Treatment results may vary

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A man in his mid 30’s who has had breast development since the age of 15. He has not had a history of marijuana or anabolic steroid usage, (both of which can contribute to gynecomastia) His chest was worse when he was in college and 50 lbs heavier. He still requires extra shirs to camouflage the area. He is shown before and again, just 6 weeks after External Ultrasound -assisted/ Power-assisted liposuction combined with direct excision of breast tissue through a periareolar incision under general anesthesia as an outpatient. Swelling will typically continue to improve over the next 5 months and scars for the next 2 years. Although scars are typically at their peak at 6 weeks, the incision around his areolar is difficult to notice and the small incisions behind the border of the chest muscle are off to the side and difficult to notice. At 6 weeks he is ready for the beach, as long as he protects his incisions with sunblock.