17 or under year old man treated with Male Breast Reduction

*Treatment results may vary

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A 15-years-old boy experienced enlargement of both breasts which started 2 years ago. His parents brought him to our center for consultation.

After detailed clinical evaluation we concluded that this is a typical form of gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) seen in about 15-25% of boys in this age group. This condition is caused by hormonal changes which stimulate growth of breast tissue and create temporary enlargement of male breasts. This usually disappears with 1-2 years and normal male breasts develop. However, in a small percentage of males this condition may last for entire life. In the case of too large breasts or prolonged duration (over 2 years) surgical correction is recommended.

Surgery was done in general anesthesia through a small incisions around areola. If areola is too small and a breast too large, this incision must be extended towards arm pit. Complete removal (excision) of the breast tissue was done in this case leaving a thin, flat areola behind. In young male patients and body builders direct breast tissue excision rather than liposuction is recommended.

Images of the patient before male breast reduction surgery are on the left. Postoperative images 3 months after male mastectomy (gynecomastia surgery) are on the right. Notice surgical scar extension on the side of areola due to large breasts.