50 yo female had Labiaplasty of Labia Minora, Clitoral Hood Reduction with Clitoropexy

*Treatment results may vary

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50 yo mother of two referred by her local OBGYN to Dr. Oscar Aguirre for bladder leakage issues. During initial consultation, she also described a long history of concerns with regard to the aesthetic nature of her vulva. She states that she has noticed decreased sensation with sex. Aesthetically, upon examination, she was found to have bilateral and asymmetric hypertrophy with hyperpigmentation of the labia minora as well as excess clitoral hood skin. Following further medical testing, she was confirmed to have Stress Urinary Incontinence with Urethral Hypermobility in the presence of complex Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. After thorough discussion of surgical and non-surgical options, she decided to proceed with surgery as recommended. Dr. Aguirre first performed the medically necessary procedures in an In-Patient Hospital setting. One week later in an office surgical setting, Dr. Aguirre performed Laser Reduction Labiaplasty of the Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood Reduction with Clitoropexy. She returned to the office for regularly scheduled postop visits, well healed.