Breast Augmentation

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient chose a transumbilical approach for breast augmentation (through the belly button). Notice the absence of scars on the breast. A submuscular approach was chosen to give a more natural takeoff at the superior aspect of the implant and to provide better camouflage for the implant. She opted for saline augmentation with 325 ml implants. Dr. Hughes created a result that is natural and symmetric. Notice the improvement in breast cleavage and fullness. Please note that the postoperative result is one day after surgery. Notice absence of bruising and scar with improved breast fullness and volume. Notice the belly button with a previous piercing that has not been disrupted. There is no visible scar. This is characteristic of Dr. Hughes’s transumbilical breast augmentation. Not only can patients go back to work the following day, but there is no evidence of the patient having had surgery.