25-34 year old woman treated with Breast Implants

*Treatment results may vary

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This 33 year old woman came to wanting to know more about her options for breast enlargement. During her consultation with Dr. Wagner, he noted she had a large A cup or small B cup breasts that lacked a significant amount of volume. She has previously breast fed and believes she is now done with having children. Dr. Wagner recommended 350 cc silicone implants and placed subglandular. Patient desired a natural result but wants to be a full C or small D cup in cup size. This placement method is appropriate for many women, especially those who want more enhanced cleavage and a greater appearance of fullness in the breasts. Dr. Wagner used a smooth implant for this patient and her situation. Her surgery went smoothly and her recovery was uneventful. She is now a full C cup. As you can see, her breasts now look very proportionate with the rest of her body. Surgeon: Dr. Jeffrey Wagner Patient Age: 33 Patient Gender: Female Implant Placement: Subglandular Implant Contents: Silicone Implants Implant Shape: Smooth Round