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Background: Non-surgical options to treat her wrinkles and to add definition to her cheek bones. She had tried Sculptra in the past but was not happy with her results. She was looking for something that could be applied quickly, with no down-time, and results evident from just one application, unlike Sculptra and many other Dermafillers on the market.  “One of the first signs of aging seen in the mid-30’s is subtle volume loss in the cheeks and midface. This is evidenced by slight bags and deeper nasolabial folds. Dermafillers to the midface is the first place to start anti-aging treatments of the face. Radiesse is a great Dermafiller- Treatment takes about 20 minutes and the desired results can usually be achieved in just one session. The results will typically last one year, slowly decreasing after about six months. Some patients come in for touch-ups in between the full treatments, maintaining the strength of their treatment at all times.” Procedure: 1.3cc Radiesse injected beneath her eyes, to her cheeks and nasolabial folds 6 Month Follow-Up: Her results are still fresh and full, having subsided very little even at six months.