50 Year Old Female Exteme Body Lift Patient

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A comprehensive plan of multiple procedures and stages was planned. Throughout the one year transformation, the patient lost a total of 70 pounds through surgery and exercise. Stage 1: Thigh liposuction, Fat transfer to the buttocks- 300 mL of fat on each side, Buttock lift, Lower back lipectomy, Bilateral brachioplasty, Outer thigh lift Stage 2: Bra-line upper body lift, Thigh liposuction, Vertical thighplasty, Dermal-bra suspension breast lift Stage 3: Scar revision, Crescent upper body lift, Fat transfer to upper breasts- 120 ML per side, Fat transfer to lower buttocks- 200 mL on each side, more liposuction of saddlebags, inner knees, and thighs Stage 4: Lower body lift with circumferential abdominoplasty, Fat transfer to lower buttocks- 220mL per side, Ventral hernia repair, Buttock lift redo, Outer thigh lift redo Stage 5: Vertical thigh lift redo, Breast augmentation with silicone implants, Scar revisions

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