25-34 year old woman treated with Mommy Makeover

*Treatment results may vary

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The patient is a 31 year old female who presented for consultation with Dr. Daniel for advice concerning breast and abdominal contouring. She disliked her breast asymmetry that was even noticeable in high school. She had two children and had lost some breast volume to a small C and she wanted to be a full D. She had well-controlled high blood pressure, as well as hypothyroidism treated with Levothyroxine. She had differential augmentation with a standard “anchor-shaped” mastopexy (breast lift) utilizing Natrelle Style 15 421cc implant on the right and a 533cc implant on the left. Full one-year photographs are shown. The scars have faded quite well. Symmetry, contour, and shape are dramatically improved. Dr. Daniel states that you can tell it is the same patient by the moles noted on her left arm.