Labiaplasty: Labia Majoraplasty, Labia Majora Reduction, Unilateral, Left Vulvar Cyst, Hydrocele

*Treatment results may vary

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After leaving no less the five pediatric specialists scratching their heads, this 17-year-old was brought to my office by her mom with a gradually enlarging painless bulge. Rare in females, but completely benign, this is a distant cousin of inguinal hernias known as a hydrocele or a cyst of the Canal of Nuck. I managed her with a laparoscopic hernia repair through the navel and a complete excision of the cyst through the left labium majus including cosmetic majoraplasty. The challenge in this case was in dissecting the cyst away from the nerves of the clitoris. I used a specialized anesthetic block with a liquid tourniquet to conduct a precise, nerve-sparing and bloodless dissection. Every nurse in the recovery room was amazed – they had never seen a teenager awaken from that type of surgery with absolutely no pain. The aesthetic results speak for themselves. She was back to school in under a week.