The long term benefits of a browlift in a woman who had the surgery at age 36 and is now 56 years old.

*Treatment results may vary

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A browlift elevates the resting position of the eyebrows . However, it is a procedure that is commonly overdone. Before the advent of botox, a browlift  was the only way to reduce heaviness of the corrugations of the inner brow above the bridge of the nose. The result shown here is 20 years after her browlift.
 Now that is lasting and as a result she has avoided the need to consider using botox.
This degree of correction with a browlift cannot be guaranteed  for every patient, although the minimum improvement of 70% is possible for everyone.
Importantly,  this benefit of 70% is permanent, which is a major positive compared to botox, which gives more improvement initially, but the Botox benefit lasts for only 3 months.