21-year-old woman receives implants to repair tubular breasts

*Treatment results may vary

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This 21-year-old female came to our office because she was unhappy with the shape of her breasts. They had never developed in a way that she felt was normal and she was self-conscious about their appearance. She wished to have a natural shape and proportionate size and came to discuss the options. On examination and her photographs reveal the presence of tubular breasts. Tubular breasts develop as a result of a constricting ring around the base of the breast tissue. This inhabits the growth of the breasts in all directions and creates a breast that is pointed in its shape. Other characteristics of a tubular breast include a short distance from the nipple to the inframammary fold, or a crease beneath the breasts, and puffy nipples as the result of breast tissue herniating through the areola. They are varying degrees of severity of tubular breasts. Correction of tubular breasts often include placement of breast implants to enhance the shape, release of the constrictive ring, and tightening of the areola. In this woman, 400 cc moderate plus profile silicone implants were placed to restore the volume of the breasts and create a nice cleavage. These implants were selected based on the width which matched the width of her chest and created a nice cleavage. At the same time, the nipples and areola were improved to allow reshaping of the breasts. The scars were confined to the junction of the light and dark skin around the areola and will fade quite inconspicuously.