Breast Augmentation

*Treatment results may vary

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The 20-year-old Dallas patient presented with small breasts and tuberous breast deformity. She desired correction of the tuberous breasts (sometimes called a “snoopy dog” look) as well as breast enlargement. There was also a slight asymmetry in size as well. Fortunately there was no history of breast cancer within her family. She desired to move up from a size 34A to a full B cup, which is a moderate, natural looking increase for this patient. The patient chose the periareolar incision site for the round Mentor saline implants. Due to the asymmetry in the breasts, we used a 225ccs implant on the left and 250ccs implant on the right to make that correction. The implants were placed subpectorally (under the muscle) and the patient was very excited with her natural post-op appearance. While some women want as much “bang for their buck” as they can get when selecting implant size, but many women also opt for a more conservative approach like this young Dallas woman. She is very content with her choices and her new look.