62 yo man with beltlift (lower body lift) after 110+ lb weight loss.

*Treatment results may vary

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This 62 year-old gentleman lost over 110 lbs. after gastric bypass two years previously. He had a history of heart disease requiring cardiac stent, and abnormal heart rhythm necessitating blood thinners, but had passed a stress test and his cardiologist's thorough review. Dr. Tholen performed full circumferential beltlift and abdominoplasty, including muscle repair and umbilical hernia repair. He had 14.0 lbs. of skin and fat removed and 4 layers of underneath-the-skin (not needing removal) sutures in 5 1/2 hours. His blood thinners were restarted after surgery and and healed uneventfully. No touch-up or revisional surgery was necessary, and his scars faded over 6-12 months.