Implant removal with mastopexy for old implants

*Treatment results may vary

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This 54 year-old patient had implants placed in the remote past. Over the years, her breasts elongated, and because the implants were under the muscle, she retained an unnatural fullness from the implants in the upper pole. She also complained of pain and firm, visible encapsulation of the implants, and asked about the possibility of just removing the implants. I explained that there was a good possibility that removal alone would be a good solution to her symptoms. I explained that breast lift or mastopexy is often needed to improve the aesthetics of implant removal, and possibly, a small implant would be needed to balance the lost contour of the upper pole. In her case, I was able to remove the implants, and with a minor breast lift, she was able to have a very esthetic result. She was particularly pleased that she did not need new implants.